Hampton by Hilton Shenzhen Bantian


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Address:No.4001 Banxuegang Avenue, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Located in banxuegang Avenue, Bantian street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Hilton huanpeng Hotel, Bantian, Shenzhen has complete living facilities, convenient for shopping and dining.
Hilton huanpeng is a chain hotel brand of Hilton global hotel group. Founded in 1984, it has more than 2300 hotels in America and Europe. It is one of the most successful business hotel chain brands in the world. With the core values of f.a.c.t. (friendly, authentic, caring, thornoughtful), "friendly, reliable, caring and comprehensive", Hilton happy friend is determined to be the confidant and partner of every guest on the journey.
The main building of the hotel is 15 floors high, with more than 100 spacious and comfortable rooms, multi-functional meeting rooms, Le Dong gymnasium and healthy restaurant with pure taste. The hotel is committed to providing comfortable and high-quality stay experience for parents and children families and high-end business travel elites.
Each guest room of the hotel is equipped with American "Hampton bed" standard Serta double patent mattresses and ecologically certified bedding to create a sweet dream experience in the cloud for you; Peter Thomas, a palace brand in the field of skin care in the United States Roth "can effectively relieve your fatigue with its pure natural ingredients, while the hotel's well-designed party plan exchanges points for more surprises such as accommodation, and welcomes business travel elites to explore together.
Hilton Happy Friends Restaurant - "health, style, happiness" simple modern environment, fresh and nutritious hot breakfast, a variety of western simple meals and fruits and vegetables drinks provide you with high-quality healthy eating experience throughout the day, adding happiness and peace to your busy journey.
"Joyous experience, the way of confidant" -- intimate service is only for understanding you better; Hilton joyous friend Hotel adds a joy and peace to your journey.